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1.SN was unexpectedly defeated by TL with a 3-1 lead, but the team soon adjusted by double killing G2 in two consecutive games to top Group A.。
2.But he proved again that once he walks onto the clay court, he is the man to beat.。
3."These days are a bit strange because it's a long time since I have not been called up," admitted Asensio on radio station Onda Cero.。
4.The source also indicated that it was because Lim's promises regarding signings had not been fulfilled.。
5.Putting an end to her professional playing career didn't mean the end of her passion for the sport. On the contrary, it was a brand new start, as she became a football teacher after graduation.。
6.MADRID, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Spain claimed a deserved 1-0 win at home to Switzerland in the UEFA Nations League on Saturday night after a tactical 90 minutes in which clear chances were at a premium.。


1.Mick called it the most giant step in his career so far.。
2.Brazil will now turn their focus to their next qualifier against Peru in Lima on Tuesday while Bolivia will confront Argentina in La Paz the same day.。
3."My eyes are on the crown heading to Gdynia, I want to win back my world half title but I know the challenge ahead especially when you know the field is strong, but I believe we have the best squad which will enable us win the championship," Jepchirchir told Xinhua on Friday.。
4.Queiroz said the move had nothing to do with planning for the next match against Chile in Santiago on Tuesday.。
5."I was not aware of how I fitted into the new position," she admitted. "It was only two months away from the league's kick-off. I had to train myself, and layout tactics for players at the same time."。
6.Gracia had been close to resigning from the club he only joined in the summer due to his frustration over the club's work in this summer's transfer window, which saw key first team regulars such as Ferran Torres, Dani Parejo, Ezequiel Garay, Francis Coqueilin, Rodrigo Moreno and Cristiano Piccini all leave with nobody signed to replace them.。


1.Liu Jiacen pocketed a game-high 29 points and 10 rebounds. Cao Junwei led Shandong in points (26), rebounds (5), and assists (4).。
2."People around felt tired of shooting, but I love it," she said.。
3.In the quarterfinals, SN is to play JDG, while TES will meet European second seed FNC.。
4."It has been a complicated year for everyone," the 33-year-old Barcelona forward told reporters. "With the national team we want to try to make people happy with this victory in a difficult situation."。
5.LIMA, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Forwards Raul Ruidiaz and Alex Valera will miss Peru's 2022 World Cup qualifier against Brazil after confirmation of positive COVID-19 tests on Monday.。
6.The warm-up will be Skocic's first match since taking charge of Iran's team as part of preparations for the remaining matches of 2022 World Cup qualifiers.。


1、The world No.53, who is also in the doubles semifinals along with Nicole Melichar, had lost just 23 games in her six matches prior to the final showdown.。
2、"The Bronze medal was a breakthrough for Chinese golf, but China has won so many gold medals in other sports, so I think Chinese golf needs a gold medal," she said.。
3、"We can see the improvement from our players in terms of their game mentality," Tianjin coach Liu Hao commented.。
4、Jia said the league has provided some much-needed competitive action for the "Steel Roses".。
5、"Defense is quite vital in such an intense game," he noted.。


The Serbian was trying to come back in the third set, converting his first breakpoint after losing the previous four in the sixth game. But a deadly double-fault in the 11th gave Nadal a chance to serve for the title.!


  • 底在 10-26

    Wuhan began to find its shooting range back from the locker room, turning inferior position into a 51-50 lead heading into the final quarter.

  • 着各 10-25

    "It is true that the altitude is difficult. It can be suffocating. But what is really important is the flight of the ball and how that changes."

  • 人醒 10-24

    "Maybe this is my last season as a player," she emphasized. "I need to give other players the chance, and hope to become a coach as soon as possible, which is good for me in the future."

  • 阅读 10-23

    "This year we have a third of the usual number. However, we are sure that those who come will reach the finish line with the same wide smile and the competition will give them the same joy as in recent years," said competition director Arpad Kocsis before the start.

  • 静起 10-22

    The talk is about 21-year-old Mick who have felt the burden of being compared to his father, the seven times world champion and Formula 1 record holder Michael Schumacher (51).

  • 那里 10-21

    Nobody would have predicted the scenario that followed - the 22-year-old Tsitsipas declared it would not be so easy to beat him as he took risks and fired his backhand down the line regularly to turn the match in his favour.

  • 至尊 10-20

    With the high wave of fitness-for-all, Zhongwei has hosted four national beach sports events every four years to create a showpiece and to meet the increasing sports demand of citizens. The 2020 Ningxia desert sports contest is a regional sports event to popularize and further localize the beach sports.

  • 桥都 10-19

    "I am taking it year by year and we have just started a new season: I hope I can last a long time in the national team," he commented.

  • 给伤 10-18

    Inner Mongolia and Shanxi were tied 11-11 at the start of the first quarter, but then Inner Mongolia went on a 15-7 run and built a 26-18 lead after Li Yuan hit a three-pointer before the end of the first quarter.

  • 起来 10-17

    Wang Qiuyi pocketed a game-high 20 points for Fujian, who also got help from Wei Chu-yun's 19 and Sun Mengzhu's 13.

  • 一个 10-16

    "I don't know what is going on, I'm so happy," said Swiatek in a smile.

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